Students planning to complete an HDR program (i.e. a Master of Philosophy or PhD) or further study are usually required to complete a bachelor's program with honours. Programs will either have:

  1. A "built in" honours year – these are usually four or five-year programs (e.g. Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). 
  2. A separate honours year – high-achieving students can apply for separate one-year honours programs (e.g. Bachelor Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Nursing (Honours). 

Honours is awarded in the following classes:

  • Class I
  • Class IIA
  • Class IIB
  • Class IIIA
  • Class IIIB

Class of honours usually depends on your GPA. Consult your program rules for more information. 

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