Credit transfer (or transfer credit) may be granted when a student changes from one program to another. Credit may be transferred to the new program if the rules of the new program allow. The faculty administering the new program should be consulted for assistance. The following are types of transfer credit:

  • Specified credit is granted when an exact or near exact equivalence to a UQ course can be demonstrated.
  • Specified credit is more commonly granted in set programs and/or for compulsory courses.
  • Unspecified credit is granted when an exact or near exact equivalence cannot be demonstrated. Unspecified credit is also granted for elective courses.
  • Block credit is granted as a specific number of units and may be granted on the basis of studies judged to be comparable to part of a given program. Block credit, sometimes referred to as "articulation credit" is often granted where formal agreements exist (e.g. students who completed polytechnic diplomas may gain credit for the first year or two of a degree program). Refer to thePolicies and Procedures Library (PPL), section 3.50.03, Credit for Previous Studies and Recognised Prior Learning for additional information.

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